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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a complete cure for multiple myeloma?

These therapies can help some people with multiple myeloma live disease-free for many years. In some cases, this cancer of the bone marrow never comes back after being treated. However, there are currently no treatments that can guarantee a cure from this disease. When treating cancer, the goal is often to make all signs of disease disappear.

Can a patient be too old for stem cell transplant?

Once you get to 70, it should only be knee replacement according to that research. But as we have found, 70 is too young NOT to explore stem cell therapy. The determination of the effectiveness of stem cell therapy in the elderly needs to be made during a consultation.

What is recovery from a stem cell transplant like?

Recovery is a slow process. Some 55 days after I underwent my stem cell transplant, I am still far from feeling like myself. I have friends who tell me it can take a year or more to regain strength and stamina. Of course, I also have a friend who is running marathons. Recovery is as personal as a fingerprint.

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