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Frequently Asked Questions

Is myeloma a life threatening?

Myeloma is an incurable life-threatening hematological cancer. Recent treatment developments have seen improvements in survival; however, while patients are living longer, they are living with symptoms and treatment side effects. Objective To evaluate myeloma patients’ preferences for treatment using a discrete choice experiment (DCE).

How long can a person live with multiple myeloma?

The median length of survival after diagnosis with multiple myeloma is 62 months for Stage I, 44 months for Stage II, and 29 months for Stage III. Life expectancy depends on many factors, including the person's age, health, kidney function, and more.

Do you know the early signs of myeloma?

What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma? There are a number of symptoms that are related to multiple myeloma. Loss of appetite and weight loss can often occur. Nausea, constipation and excessive thirst are also known symptoms. These factors can lead to fatigue and mental fogginess. Bone pain is another symptom.

What are the chances of me having multiple myeloma?

The risk of developing multiple myeloma goes up as people get older. Less than 1% of cases are diagnosed in people younger than 35. Most people diagnosed with this cancer are at least 65 years old. Men are slightly more likely to develop multiple myeloma than women.

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