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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are stem cell transplants used as cancer treatment?

Why are stem cell transplants carried out? Stem cell transplants are used to treat conditions in which the bone marrow is damaged and is no longer able to produce healthy blood cells. Transplants can also be carried out to replace blood cells that are damaged or destroyed as a result of intensive cancer treatment.

What is recovery from a stem cell transplant like?

Recovery is a slow process. Some 55 days after I underwent my stem cell transplant, I am still far from feeling like myself. I have friends who tell me it can take a year or more to regain strength and stamina. Of course, I also have a friend who is running marathons. Recovery is as personal as a fingerprint.

How does stem cell transplantation treat hematologic cancer?

Stem cell transplantation does not usually directly treat hematologic cancer. Its main use in hematologic cancer therapy is to restore the function of the bone marrow after it has been impaired by invasion with cancer cells or by its treatment. Stem cell transplantation is most commonly used after high-dose chemotherapy and radiation therapy ...

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