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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jackie snow in uhsnow?

Jackie Snow is a character role-played by uhSnow . Jackie Snow is a Trooper for the San Andreas State Police, head of the Street Racing Unit and Air Corps, advisor for the Street Crimes Unit, squad leader for High Value Target Unit, owner of AirX, and Inventor of America . Snow holds every certification obtainable in the Unified Police Department .

What time does uhsnow stream?

On Sundays, uhSnow sometimes streams for 7 hours between 5 AM and 11 AM PST. On Mondays, uhSnow often streams for 9 hours between 4 AM and 12 PM PST. On Tuesdays, uhSnow usually streams for 5 hours between 5 AM and 9 AM PST. On Wednesdays, uhSnow often streams for 8 hours between 5 AM and 12 PM PST.

Who is ikittyyyy on Twitch?

Ikittyyyy is a well-known web character and Twitch decoration. She is most notable for her online fan interactions and computer gaming. Kitty can be reached as a medical assistant via phone and is used at a nearby clinic. She doesn’t have a set schedule for broadcasting because she enjoys playing online games as a hobby.

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