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Frequently Asked Questions

Did TwitchCon reveal shylily's face?

Did Twitchcon Revealed Shylily Face? Reportedly, Twitch Vtuber Shylily's face was accidentally revealed during Twitchcon. After that, she showed part of her face on an Instagram post.

What does shylily's face look like while vtubing?

On an Instagram post in July 2021, Shylily showed part of her face (lips and chin) with the caption, "This is what I look like while vtubing," thus confirming the rumors. Still, the VTuber has not yet revealed her whole face to the public. Instead, she has kept that mystery surrounding her identity intact.

How many followers does shylily have?

So far, she has earned more than 400k followers on the streaming website. Read more to learn about her face reveal, real name, age, wiki, bio, net worth, height, weight, family, ethnicity & more. Shylily was born in a German family in Germany.

What is shylily's real identity?

Shylily has played multiple games and streamed Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Phasmophobia, and Genshin Impact. Shylily's face and real identity are still the subject of agog among her fans at the current date as she has not revealed her face and real identity to her fans in the public domain.

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