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Frequently Asked Questions

How many stem cell transplants per year in the US?

Adult stem cell transplants are being used to treat dozens of conditions in patients. There are nearly 3,500 ongoing or completed clinical trials (in patients) using adult stem cells, as listed in the National Institutes of Health/FDA-approved database. [vi]

What is recovery from a stem cell transplant like?

Recovery is a slow process. Some 55 days after I underwent my stem cell transplant, I am still far from feeling like myself. I have friends who tell me it can take a year or more to regain strength and stamina. Of course, I also have a friend who is running marathons. Recovery is as personal as a fingerprint.

Can person donate stem cells multiple times?

Some people give their stem cells so they can get them back later if they need an autologous transplant. If you want to donate stem cells for someone else. ... This is repeated several times until enough marrow has been taken out (harvested). The amount taken depends on the donor’s weight. Often, about 10% of the donor’s marrow, or about 2 ...

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