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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it make a difference to follow monism or dualism?

The main difference between Monism and Dualism is that Monism is the ultimate belief is that the mind and the body are the same elements and are generated from a supreme soul. Whereas, Dualism believes that the mind and the works separate from each other and it is said that an individual is not generated from a supreme soul but the existence of ...

Is the mind separate from the body?

They are not the same. The body and the mind are obviously within the same "body", but the mind literally "has a mind of its own". You are your mind, but you are not your body, you're just living in it. In fact, once you realize this, you can learn to control how your mind talks about your body and change the light you view yourself in.

What is the mind body debate?

The mind–body debate also entails the question of whether or not a machine can be constructed that can sufficiently simulate functions of the mind such that one can no longer distinguish the simulation from a real person. This is the essence of the Turin Test.

Are the mind and body distinct?

When there are no qualitative answers to the event pain above, then it shall be perfectly fine to say that mind and brain are distinct. Mind and body are qualitatively distinct because the mind is unextended and indivisible and the body is extended and divisible, as described above.

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