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Frequently Asked Questions

What does vs stand for?

Vs. The abbreviation “vs.” is the 2-letter abbreviation for “versus” and is most commonly found when referring to sports or other competitions when two people or teams compete against each other. The version with the period is most commonly found in the USA, where all abbreviations use a period.

Should I use vs or vs?

Should I Use vs. or vs? The word “versus” is abbreviated in two principal ways, either as “vs.” or “v.” In the USA, it is customary to use a period on all abbreviations, including “vs.”; however, in the UK, the period is usually omitted. Also, “v.” is used more in a legal context than in sports.

What is the difference between == and ===?

26 The top 2 answers both mentioned == means equality and === means identity. Unfortunately, this statement is incorrect. If both operands of == are objects, then they are compared to see if they are the same object. If both operands point to the same object, then the equal operator returns true. Otherwise, the two are not equal.

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