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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Metropolitan Grill Wine List?

One of the great wine lists of the world. In 2018, Metropolitan Grill is the proud recipient of the Wine Spectator Grand Award, bestowed on only 91 wine lists throughout the entire world. The Met’s wine list provides a uniquely broad offering of well-made and iconic wines. Our wine team looks forward to assisting you in selecting the perfect wine.

What is the Metropolitan Grill experience?

Simply say "The Met" in conversation and you will see heads nod, affirming a common understanding. Like the city it calls home, the Metropolitan Grill is a triumph of substance over style, inspiring loyalty from guests who return time and again to enjoy what is known as the Metropolitan Grill experience.…

Is the Metropolitan a good restaurant to eat at?

Due to several small service misses and substandard dishes, this was a disappointing dining experience in what can be a great restaurant. We love the atmosphere at the Metropolitan. It has a very upscale feel with all of the wood and subdued lighting. It makes you look forward to the meal.

Who is the owner of the Metropolitan Grill?

In 2005, he purchased the Metropolitan Grill, then a traditional Sicilian Italian restaurant. Incorporating his travels, his respect for traditional cuisine, and his passion for creativity and invention, Pat turned the Metropolitan Grill into the vibrant and well-loved mainstay of southwest Missouri it is today.

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