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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does provide? is the official website of Washington State, with easy access to online state services, government agencies, and helpful guides to get things done. Find out how you can get fresh, healthy, and free food throughout the state.

What is the WA state charity care law?

Washington’s charity care law requires that hospitals make financial assistance available for low-income patients to help with their out-of-pocket medical costs. To be clear, we’re talking about people with insurance, not just uninsured folks.

How do I get a WA state license?

To apply, visit your local driver licensing office with: Your current WA driver's license. Proof of active duty military status. Military ID (for spouses and dependents). Payment for the applicable fee ( see below ).

What is WA Health?

WA HEALTH (Washington's Healthcare and Emergency and Logistics Tracking Hub) is a web application for healthcare staff to input information on resources (beds, ventilators, PPE, etc.), which will automatically update dashboards for hospital, local, and state decision makers to view.

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