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What are all the names in The Lion King actually mean?

What All The Character Names In 'The Lion King' Actually Mean Simba Means "Lion" Nala Means "Gift" Mufasa Means "King" Timon Means "Respect" Pumbaa Means "Slow-Witted" Rafiki Means "Friend" Zazu Means "Movement" Sarabi Means "Mirage" Sarafina Means "Bright Star" Shenzi Means "Savage" More items...

Who voices Simba in Lion King?

Voiced by ernie sabella and 5 others. The main character of the lion king simba is voiced by donald glover who lives deep in the jungle with his friends timon and pumbaa following the death of his father. Simba voice matthew broderick. Adult simba as helene vives tennesen charles r.

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