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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the names in The Lion King actually mean?

What All The Character Names In 'The Lion King' Actually Mean Simba Means "Lion" Nala Means "Gift" Mufasa Means "King" Timon Means "Respect" Pumbaa Means "Slow-Witted" Rafiki Means "Friend" Zazu Means "Movement" Sarabi Means "Mirage" Sarafina Means "Bright Star" Shenzi Means "Savage" More items...

Who is the main character in Lion King 2?

The Lion King 2 is a fantastic prequel opportunity for Disney that gives Mufasa and Scar a proper backstory, explains their complicated relationship and shows Mufasa's contentious path in becoming king.

Are Kovu and Kiara cousins in The Lion King 2?

Nuka complains about it in his first scene in Lion King 2. But to the part you want answered. Kovu and Kiara are probably related, since the only other Mae lions we know of in the movies are Simba and Mufasa. So Kovu is either Simba’s half brother or son.

Does Simba die in Lion King 2?

The two lions later find each other and profess their love. Realizing that they must reunite the two prides, Kiara and Kovu return to the Pride Lands and convince them to stop fighting. Zira, however, attempts to kill Simba, but Kiara intervenes and Zira falls to her death after a nearby dam bursts and washes her away.

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