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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DHL DgF public tracking?

DHL DGF Public Tracking Our public Track & Trace site provides visibility on shipments handled by DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight. International tracking of air and ocean cargo Have your DHL tracking number at hand to track and trace and enter it into search field above on this page.

Who is DHL for?

Whether you are a small business sending a shipment by air freight, or an experienced logistics professional looking to improve your air and ocean freight operations, we will deliver a personalized service across all sectors. If you wish to learn more about the entire portfolio of DHL products and services please visit our homepage .

Why should you choose DHL Global Forwarding?

When you rely on global trade to succeed, we understand how important it is to get your goods to market, on-time, every time. That is why DHL Global Forwarding promises to always offer reliable, flexible and efficient deliveries to and from every country globally, in total compliance with local regulations.

How do I track my DHL Global Forwarding US domestic shipment?

For DHL Global Forwarding US DOMESTIC shipment tracking please enter the origin airport code (three alphas) followed by numerics with no spaces in between (AAANNNNNNN), for example SEA1234567, LAX1234567. Track your shipment by entering air waybill or shipment tracking code.

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