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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Delhi special?

there's not just one thing which makes Delhi so special there are lots of things which contribute to making Delhi so special. first of all, Delhi is the capital of India which makes itself special. the transport system of Delhi is the best part of delhi.metro and DTC are so convenient and properly managed and are the lifeline of Delhi people.

Is Delhi a cool place?

India’s vibrant capital of Delhi is a true treat for the senses. Frenetic, chaotic, colourful, and exuberant are just a few words to describe this unique destination. A city of striking contrasts, Delhi is among the oldest remaining cities in the world.

Is Delhi a dying city?

Now, it is time to call out our national capital, Delhi as exactly that - a dying city. Even as wealthy citizens of the national capital region (NCR) shrink further away from this uninhabitable mess, behind gated condominiums, face masks, generator sets and water tankers, Delhi is collapsing – in every way possible.

Which is the best restaurant in Delhi?

Connaught ClubhouseMinistry Of BeerOKOChor Bizarre. Free Reservation Get 250 EazyPoints when you upload the dining bill.Yellow Brick Road. Free Reservation 50% off on food & soft bev.The QubeSanadige – Fine Dine RestaurantLazeez Affaire. Free Reservation 20% off on food & all bev.TamraDasaprakashMore items...

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