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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my own custom labels and stickers?

You can easily customize the product labels personalized in Custom Sticker. Choosing the American custom label maker will make you communicate conveniently, and shorten the time cost. To make the customized labels more suitable for the target, the labels of CustomSticker are completely customized in size and shape.

What are some good uses for custom labels and stickers?

Sticker Labels are essential to creating beautiful and professional product packaging. Custom label printing shows the details that customers care about in the product. We design and create high-quality custom made labels for customers to make your products stand out on the shelf.

What are the most popular types of custom labels?

The broadest material distinction we can make is between paper and vinyl labels. Papers are ideal for short-term, indoor uses like food packaging or wine bottles. Vinyl, PP, or PE labels (plastic) are suitable for long-term, outdoor, or strenuous applications.

What are the benefits of custom labels?

Label anything. Personalized sticker labels make it fast & easy to label your products or packaging. Custom roll labels are designed for speed and compatible with most label applicators and dispensers. Custom sheet labels are designed for peeling by hand and compact storage.

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