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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for custom sticker labels?

Our custom sticker label material is divided into three materials: paper, plastic, and vinyl. These are the high-quality materials that are most suitable for making labels; The inks we chose are bright in color and not easy to decolor.

What are the common uses of custom sticker labels?

Custom stickers are a cheap, popular product. Often in small sizes, they can be used on laptops, skateboards, cars, and more! Custom labels can be used for nametags, product packaging, safety notices, and so much more. They usually come in a roll.

How quickly can custom sticker labels be delivered?

You can buy as few as two custom label sheets or thousands of roll labels. No matter what you need a label for, Avery WePrint can deliver the exact labels you need to your door in as few as three days. Simply customize your labels online for free and order.

Are there any extra charges for custom sticker labels?

And there are no extra charges for custom label shapes and sizes, or for setup, plates and dies. WePrint custom labels come on sheets and rolls for both hand and machine applications. You can buy as few as two custom label sheets or thousands of roll labels.

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