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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Purell hand wipes have alcohol in them?

Purell sanitizing wipes are still extremely difficult to find in stores and online, and that’s especially true for the Purell wipes that have ethyl alcohol instead of benzalkonium chloride. Head over to Amazon right now, however, and you’ll find several listings available for Purell alcohol wipes.

Is isopropyl alcohol a safe and effective cleaning solution?

Isopropyl alcohol, when used correctly, is a safe, effective method to clean and sterilize electronics without harming them. That said, the CDC recommends always checking the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning first. What can I use to clean circuit board?

Do cleaning products contain rubbing alcohol?

Since vinegar is damaging to surfaces like this, rubbing alcohol makes a great addition to DIY cleaning products. Plus it works to disinfect, clean, and eliminate odors. We have a few homemade room sprays on the website which call for alcohol, but instead of rubbing alcohol, we use ethanol in the form of vodka.

Are cleansing wipes safe?

If there was raw food on the counter top or if someone in the household has a weakened immune system, then disinfecting wipes might make sense. Disinfecting wipes are used by hand and because of this are relatively safe when used properly.

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