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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Purell hand wipes have alcohol in them?

Purell sanitizing wipes are still extremely difficult to find in stores and online, and that’s especially true for the Purell wipes that have ethyl alcohol instead of benzalkonium chloride. Head over to Amazon right now, however, and you’ll find several listings available for Purell alcohol wipes.

Is alcohol and hand sanitizer the same thing?

These two alcohols have similar structures, but their chemical variations are enough to make one drinkable and one dangerous to ingest. But when it comes to hand sanitizer, they work the same way: They both disrupt the proteins and lipids in viruses and bacteria, which kills those germs.

What are the dangers of hand sanitizer wipes?

Hand sanitizer has proven itself useful in killing germs, but using it can have side effects. Overuse of hand sanitizer can lead to dry, cracked skin as well as redness or discoloration, and flaking.

Does hand sanitizer contain alcohol?

That depends on the main ingredient of the Hand Sanitizer. Some of the Hand Sanitizer’s main ingredient is Minerals and not Alcohol but yes, Most of the Hand Sanitizers do contain Alcohol in various quantity. What proof alcohol is needed to make hand sanitizer? It’s not what “proof” the alcohol needs to be to make the sanitizer.

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