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Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a 26 inch tire?

There are no fewer than 5 different, incompatible "26 inch" sizes which you are likely to encounter. And one of them is even sometimes called a 27-inch size! A so-called "26 inch" wheel/tire could have an ISO rim size of: 559 mm, 571 mm, 584 mm, 590 mm or 597 mm!

What size tires fit on a 17 inch rim?

The largest tire size that will fit on a 17-inch rim is a 54-inch tire in diameter (54/19.5R17). The bigger the tire, the more grip and stability on the road while driving and turning. However, drastic tire changes can cause some issues for braking systems and speedometers.

What is the height difference in tires?

Much like the width, there is only a small difference between the height of these tires and how tall they are. The 275 is once again bigger at 31.1 inches, while the 265 tires measure at 30.6 inches. With regard to how this affects the performance, there isn’t a lot of difference, especially when it comes to speed.

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