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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of width and length?

Length is typically used to describe how long something is whereas width is used to describe how wide something is. Length is always the longest measurement whereas width is always the shortest measurement. You can also use length to measure a period of time that has elapsed.

What order does width length and height go in?

The correct order is length (L), width (W), height (H). As in (L) × (W) × (H) to find volume in both Imperial and Metric Units. Height always goes last but width then length, which is my preferred order is also written length then width! Annoying isn't it! It costs little to use the words high, wide, and long, or their abbreviations.

Which way is width and depth?

Width noun. The state of being wide. Depth noun. the distance between the front and the back, as the depth of a drawer or closet. Width noun. The measurement of the extent of something from side to side. Depth noun. (figuratively) the intensity, complexity, strength, seriousness or importance of an emotion, situation, etc.

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