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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is York University from Toronto?

The journey time between Downtown Toronto and York University is around 35 min and covers a distance of around 19 km. The fastest journey normally takes 34 min. Operated by Toronto Transit, the Downtown Toronto to York University service departs from Osgoode Station - Northbound Platform and arrives in York University.

Is York University in Toronto expensive?

York University is another most expensive university in Canada. It is present in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the largest universities present in Canada. The cost of this university is high as compared to other universities in Canada. This university has been ranked among the other top universities in Canada. Courses: Engineering

What colleges are in Toronto?

Upper Madison College: Academy of Design Toronto: University of Trinity College: SSLC — Sprott Shaw Language College: UCCBT - Upper Career College Business & Technology: ILAC - International Language Academy of Canada: Institute for Christian Studies: University of Toronto – University of St. Michael's College: University of Toronto – Wycliffe College

Is York University good?

York University York is committed to giving a broad demographic of students access to a high-quality, research-intensive learning environment committed to the public good. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in the following programs: York is a leading international teaching and research university, and a driving force for positive change.

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