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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rosterresource lineup tracker?

Introducing the RosterResource Lineup Tracker! The Lineup Tracker is the latest addition to our RosterResource collection at FanGraphs.

Who has the best raw strength in the Yankees’ system?

Now that Chris Gittens has gone to Japan, Breaux arguably has the best raw strength in the system. He’s capable of jaw-dropping bombs, but he’s also a mistake-crusher who drives balls from a very small area of the zone, and offspeed pitches give him fits.

What are the Yankees’ best DSL prospects right now?

Mejia, 20, was a scout source’s favorite from the Yankees’ DSL group back in 2019, and he has continued to stay down there, though he had a good statistical 2021. Willy Montero (Fidel, Hans, and Willy Montero were the three youngest DSL Yankees) was just 16 when the DSL season began. He has a plus frame and power projection.

What role will Rafael Marinaccio play for the Yankees in 2022?

While pitching exclusively in relief, he rode a three-pitch mix across three levels in 2021, performing better and better at each stop, en route to a 40-man add after the season. Marinaccio is extremely likely to factor in the Yankees’ 2022 bullpen as a bulk middle-inning reliever, and his stuff quality portends a bigger future role.

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