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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a Wine Spectator restaurant?

Make sure to search for the same restaurant name as found on the Wine Spectator Restaurant Search, which you can check here. Once you have found and selected your restaurant, you will be emailed a link to start your application process. The email will be sent to the address (es) we currently have on file.

Does your restaurant deserve a Wine Spectator Restaurant award?

If you've got a good wine list, you deserve the credibility and publicity that comes with a Wine Spectator Restaurant Award. The links below tell you everything you need to know about our Restaurant Awards program, including how to enter, how to renew and the criteria for each award level.

How do I order a bulk copy of Wine Spectator?

Or for bulk orders of five or more copies of any Aug. 31 issues of Wine Spectator, available back through 2006, email [email protected] or call 800-344-0763. Still have questions? Wine Spectator Restaurant Awards is now on Twitter and Instagram.

What is the criteria for submitting a wine list?

The submitted wines list must be an exact copy of what is currently in use in your restaurant. Lists entered reflect what your customers will see and have access to. Entries from private clubs are not eligible. For more information, please refer to About the Award Levels and our FAQs.

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