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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in Windows Admin Center?

Windows Admin Center, your favorite server management tool, is now generally available in version 2103. Learn all about the enhancements full of demos. You can now manage Windows Servers from the Azure portal with Windows Admin Center. In this "how-to" video you will learn how to do just that in just a few clicks!

How do I configure Windows Admin Center to consume Azure updates?

If you have an existing Log Analytics workspace, Windows Admin Center can automatically configure your server to consume updates from Azure Update Management. To get started, go to the Updates tool in a server connection and select “Set up now”, and provide your preferences for the related Azure resources.

How do I add a server to Windows Admin Center?

Download or learn more about Windows Admin Center. You can add individual servers running Windows Server 2012 or later to Windows Admin Center to manage the server with a comprehensive set of tools including Certificates, Devices, Events, Processes, Roles and Features, Updates, Virtual Machines and more. Click + Add under All Connections.

Where can I manage Windows Server instances?

Admins can manage Windows Server instances anywhere: on-premises, in Azure, or in any cloud. Extend on-premises deployments of Windows Server to the cloud by using the Azure hybrid services found in Windows Admin Center. Use Azure for: Streamline setup of Azure Stack HCI or Windows Server 2019 hyperconverged systems.

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