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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Plymouth Barracuda make a comeback?

The beloved Plymouth 'Cuda might be the next classic icon to make a comeback next year , this time as a brand-new Dodge model called the Barracuda! By Testimony Olajire Published Sep 08, 2020 There have been rumors for the past 13 years of a new Barracuda, and the buzz is making the rounds again.

What is the last year of the Plymouth Barracuda?

1974 Plymouth Barracuda Comments: 1974 was the last year for the true Barracudas, which continued with 318 and 360 engines. The Barracuda would never return again as a true performance vehicle.

What is a 1974 Barracuda?

History of the 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda. The third generation Barracudas were based on cut-down intermediate bodies which had wider engine compartments fully capable of taking the tall deck big-block and Hemi engines, and the opportunity was immediately utilized for the new 1970 cars.

What color is a barracuda?

In most cases, a barracuda is dark gray, dark green, white, or blue on its upper body, with silvery sides and a chalky-white belly. Coloration varies somewhat between species.

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