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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical plant cell?

A typical plant cell consists of a relatively rigid cell wall lined with a cell membrane. The cell wall determines the final size and shape of the cell and performs several functions that are essential to the cell. Within the cell membrane lie the nucleus and other structures suspended in a liquid matrix called the cytoplasm.

What are the parts of a plant cell and its function?

Parts of Plant Cell. Plants cell constitute of membrane bound nucleus and many cellular structures. These organelles carry out functions that are necessary for the proper functioning and survival of the cell. The cell organelles of the plant are enclosed by a cell wall and cell membrane.

What are facts about plant cells?

Facts about the plant cell. Facts about the plant cell: The plant cell is slightly different to an animal cell in that the plant cell has different functional parts to them. A plant grows through the process of photosynthesis which needs light to maintain the process of growth.

What does a typical plant cell look like?

Here is a diagram of a typical plant cell: Firstly they have a rigid cellwall made of fibres of cellulose (which we use to make paper!) that gives them shape and strength. The cell wall fits closely just outside the cell membrane like a plastic box with an inflated balloon stuffed inside.

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