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Frequently Asked Questions

Is pcloud better than Dropbox?

pCloud offers much more free storage than Dropbox, even if you have to jump through hoops to unlock it. The 2TB of storage is also cheaper with pCloud, although there's no unlimited option available. All things considered, this round is a win for pCloud vs Dropbox - just.

What is pcloud lifetime?

In short, pCloud lifetime is a single one-time payment of a cloud storage solution . See how we utilize and hands-on the pCloud drive, to fully maximize the usability of pCloud. In the past, clients of pCloud would have to pay monthly for the services - or annually for a little bit of a discount.

Does pcloud drive keep the files local to?

In the pCloud approach, files you put in the pCloud Drive folder are stored on pCloud's servers. The file doesn't exist on the local machine. As a result, with the MEGA approach, you can work with the files even when not connected to the Internet. However, with pCloud, you must have an active Internet connection to work with your files.

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