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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are blanket bogs found in Europe?

In Europe, these mostly very thin peat layers without significant surface structures are distributed over the hills and valleys of Ireland, Scotland, England and Norway. In North America, blanket bogs occur predominantly in Canada east of Hudson Bay. These bogs are often still under the influence of mineral soil water (groundwater).

Is there a blanket bog in Shetland?

Blanket bog on the Yell, Shetland Islands, with some peat working. Blanket bog or blanket mire, also known as featherbed bog, is an area of peatland, forming where there is a climate of high rainfall and a low level of evapotranspiration, allowing peat to develop not only in wet hollows but over large expanses of undulating ground.

What is the largest bog in the UK?

Flanders Moss - a national nature reserve and the largest lowland raised bog in Britain; west of Stirling, Scotland Fleet Moss - a large peat blanket bog in the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire, England Flow Country - the largest expanse of blanket bog in Europe - Caithness and Sutherland, Scotland

What is a blanket bog and how does it form?

A blanket bog can occur in drier or warmer climates, because under those conditions hilltops and sloping ground dry out too often for peat to form – in intermediate climates a blanket bog may be limited to areas which are shaded from direct sunshine. In periglacial climates a patterned form of blanket bog may occur, known as a string bog.

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