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Frequently Asked Questions

What language did the Blackfoot Indians speak?

What language do the Blackfeet speak? Most Blackfoot Indians speak English today, but about half of them also speak their native Blackfoot language. Blackfoot is a musical language that has complicated verbs with many parts.

Who were the Blackfoot tribe enemies?

The Blackfeet Indians are a plains tribe who were traditional enemies of just about everyone, including the Crow, Shoshone and Nez Perce, with whom they shared buffalo hunting grounds. They are one of the few tribes whose reservations and reserves were actually carved out of a portion of their traditional homelands and are located on the land ...

Who did the Blackfoot trade with?

Trade. Trade within the group or among the three Blackfoot groups was more common than trade with other groups. Horses, slaves, food, tipis, mules, and ornaments were common trade items. Trade with Whites involved the Blackfoot trading bison hides and furs for whiskey, guns, clothes, food, and metal tools.

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