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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is forecasting error important?

Understanding and measuring forecast error is critical to improving forecast accuracy. Forecast error is far less well understood than most people know. It is obviously important to understand forecasting error as it provides the necessary feedback to improve forecast accuracy eventually.

Is it possible to measure forecast error without context?

A forecast error without context does not drive the people responsible for forecasting to improve the accuracy. The worst situation is not to measure forecast error at all. However, a quick second does not know where to focus once the forecast error is determined.

How do you calculate forecast error?

A common way to work out forecast error is to calculate the Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD). This shows the deviation of forecasted demand from actual demand, in units. The MAD calculation takes the absolute value of the forecast errors (difference between actual demand and the forecast) and averages them over the forecasted time periods.

What is the difference between peak and forecast error?

the difference between the peak value of the outcome and the value forecast for that time point. Forecast error can be a calendar forecast error or a cross-sectional forecast error, when we want to summarize the forecast error over a group of units.

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