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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Luigi Vendramini?

Luigi Vendramini (born January 16, 1996) is a Brazilian professional male mixed martial artist who competes in the Lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship . Vendramini started practising Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the age of 12 to lose weight, transitioning to mixed martial arts a year later.

What is Vendramini made of?

Like every Vendramini product on sale, they are made of "real leather" the only material that offers maximum safety in case of sliding on asphalt. In addition, the anti-crushing security bottom side resists compressions that are 150% higher than the provisions of the CE standard I rule.

What is a Vendramini marathon?

The Marathon is Vendramini’s “top of the line” sport-touring boot, and it was designed to be comfortable over the long haul while still offering a level of protection that is often missing from a pure touring boot. Many motorcycle touring boots seem to skimp on safety features, which is odd.

Who were the Vendramin?

The Vendramin ( Italian: [vendraˈmin], Venetian: [veŋdɾaˈmiŋ]) were a rich merchant family of Venice, Italy, who were among the case nuove or "new houses" who joined the patrician class when the Libro d'Oro was opened after the battle of Chioggia (June 1380).

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