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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valley National Bank?

As the principal subsidiary of Valley National Bancorp, Valley National Bank is a regional bank with approximately $37.5 billion in assets. Valley is committed to giving people and businesses the power to succeed.

Why choose Valley Bank?

Our customers trust us with their most important investments, and for more than 93 years we have worked hard to earn their confidence every day. A regional bank with approximately $41 billion in assets and more than 200 branch locations in New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Florida and Alabama, Valley has never been stronger.

What banks did Valley National Bancorp acquire?

Acquisitions. Valley National Bancorp has grown through a series of strategic acquisitions in northern and central New Jersey, including the following: 1956: The Bank of Allwood of Clifton, New Jersey; 1976: The Bank of Wayne, after which, the bank was renamed Valley National Bank. 1977: Bankers National Bank of Elmwood Park, New Jersey

Does Valley Bank have a losing quarter?

Since the Bank was founded in 1927, Valley has never produced a losing quarter. As we look to our future, we remain dedicated to the core tenets that have guided our growth for more than nine decades.

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