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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valley Bank's routing number?

Valley’s primary routing number is 021201383. If you are using a routing number on this list, we advise you to update your checks, electronic payments, and direct deposit information with the routing number above as soon as possible. You can order new checks and deposit slips by visiting or contacting your local branch.

How do I find my bank's routing number?

Depending on your bank, you may find your routing number in any one of the following places: A personal check. Routing numbers commonly appear in the lower-left corner of your checks, right before your account number. Bank statement. Some banks include their routing number on the bank statements you receive in your mailbox or inbox each month.

What is the purpose of a routing number?

A routing number is used to identify a specific bank or credit union. An account number identifies a bank account within a financial institution. Together, these two numbers ensure that money is added to or deducted from the right account. Let’s say that you owe the IRS $5,000 in taxes and plan to pay using your checking account.

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