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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the University of Toronto a good school?

UofT is incredible for research (as everyone else has pointed out) and has actually ranked #2 in the world in terms of number of publications. It also provides undergrads with some very good opportunities that other top schools don't.

What colleges are in Toronto?

Upper Madison College: Academy of Design Toronto: University of Trinity College: SSLC — Sprott Shaw Language College: UCCBT - Upper Career College Business & Technology: ILAC - International Language Academy of Canada: Institute for Christian Studies: University of Toronto – University of St. Michael's College: University of Toronto – Wycliffe College

Can I get into University of Toronto?

It is not very difficult to get into the University of Toronto as the minimum grade required is B but you can come across students with a grade of C within some faculties. However, getting into U of T is highly dependent on the choice of the program as score requirements and admission criteria vary across faculties. Ques.

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