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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for applying for a tuition waiver?

Determine the course or courses you want to take. Check with the state university or college to see if the course (s) is/are available for fee waiver. Obtain and complete special enrollment forms from the university or college (be sure to follow all instructions). Have your agency supervisor sign the forms for approval.

How do you qualify for a tuition waiver?

Financial need: Tuition waivers are granted to students who demonstrate a financial need, either because they have no parental assistance or because their parents’ income falls below a certain level. While the maximum household income level will vary from school to school, it is often 40 or 60 thousand dollars a year.

How many courses can you take with a tuition waiver?

Courses may be taken for career development or for personal interest. NC State permits the waiver of tuition for eligible full-time faculty and staff for up to three (3) courses per year through any UNC System school. Faculty and staff members exercising this privilege are subject to the rules of the individual institutions.

What are the benefits of a tuition waiver?

Tuition Waivers are State funded, legislatively mandated that allows public universities to waive the tuition fees for students in foster care who meet certain eligibility requirements. The tuition waivers are usually cover any remaining tuition after other types of financial aid have been processed.

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