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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best magazine for a Thompson submachine gun?

Featuring stainless steel construction with a corrosion-resistant finish, the Auto Ordnance® Thompson 1927 .45ACP 30-Round Magazine is a classic stick mag and is perfect for your Thompson submachine gun.

What happened to Robert Thompson's submachine gun?

When Thompson’s model was completed, nonetheless, World War I had finished. Despite the fact that Thompson’s submachine gun received positive evaluations from both the Army and the U.S. Marine Corps, neither service initially selected to buy it on a widespread basis.

What is a surplus Thompson magazine?

Currently these magazines generally display Light to Heavy cosmoline. Being surplus these are subject to imperfections such as scuff marks from storage or use, very small spots of rust, minor pitting, tiny dings, engravings of numbers/initials and so on. round. Some ways to accomplish this, a quick internet search: Thompson magazine modification

What is a Thompson M1?

The frame and receiver are milled from solid steel or aluminum, the wood is genuine American walnut, and the overall finish is a blued steel or black anodized aluminum. Built to modern engineering standards, the Thompson M1 is a reliable and highly accurate representation of its legendary WWII ancestors.

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