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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change themes in Visual Studio 2019?

Visual Studio 2019 comes with 4 pre-installed themes they are: Blue, Light, Dark, and Blue with Extra Contrast. In order to change the theme the user needs to open Visual Studio Options Dialog, this can be done in the following two ways given below, and from the Dialog, the user can select the Color Theme of his choice.

How to install the dark theme in Visual Studio 2022?

The Dark Theme from Visual Studio 2019 ported to Visual Studio 2022 for those who prefers the old theme. The original dark theme from Visual Studio 2019 now available for Visual Studio 2022. After installing the extension, the Dark (2019) theme becomes available in the dropdown under Tools -> Options.

Is it possible to use material theme in Visual Studio 2019?

For the last years, I have used Solarized Dark and VS Color Theme Editor themes in Visual Studio 2017 and after trying Material Theme in Visual Studio Code, I wanted to use this wonderful theme in Visual Studio 2019 as well. However, there is no compatible version of Material Theme for VS2019 unfortunately.

What is 0color themes for Visual Studio?

Color Themes for Visual Studio. This extension installs additional color themes for Visual Studio. Similar to the Color Theme Editor, but without the editor - just the themes. Includes all the themes available in the Color Theme Editor, plus additional themes contributed by the community.

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