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Frequently Asked Questions

How good was the Steelers kick?

The kick was good, making the score 3-3 with 14:09 left in the half. The Steelers’ second drive wasn’t as successful as their first, and when it looked like Pickett was able to find George Pickens along the sideline for the first down, Pickens was flagged for illegal touching which negated the play.

How did the Steelers lead in the first quarter?

It ended in a 21-yard Chris Boswell chip shot to give the Steelers an early 3-0 lead with 7:01 left in the first quarter. The Ravens’ offense took over, and they did their best impersonation of the Steelers’ opening drive. At the end of the first quarter, it was a similar time-consuming drive which had the Ravens in the red-zone.

What did the Steelers offense do after losing the opening coin toss?

After losing the opening coin toss, the Steelers offense was the first on the field, and Kenny Pickett and company did what they have done often throughout the regular season. That being having a time-consuming drive which resulted in points.

How did the Steelers score on a 34-yard FG by Boswell?

Pickett takes a sack on their down, so Steelers have to settle for a 34-yard FG by Boswell and a 13-7 lead. Harris had five carries for 26 yards on the drive.

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