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Frequently Asked Questions

What can cause SIADH?

the body holds too much water. The blood becomes diluted and has a low blood sodium (salt) level. What causes SIADH? SIADH can be caused by: • Head trauma • Surgery • Stroke • Tumors • Meningitis • Pneumonia • Certain medicines • Viruses like HIV This condition may last for hours or days. What are the symptoms of SIADH?

What medications cause SIADH?

cause of SIADH is due to drugs like nicotine, barbiturates, opiates, carbamazepine, chlorpropamide, cytotoxic, and psychotropic. Some studies also suggested that aggravated psychosis in psychiatric patient might be because of hyponatremia independent of drug therapy (9). There are many risk factors in psychiatric patients such

Why is urine osmolality high in SIADH?

Is urine specific gravity high or low in Siadh? Both disorders have high urine osmolality and increase of specific gravity, but in SIADH, it is due to inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone (ADH), and in CSWS is associated with volume contraction.

Is SIADH chronic or acute?

Acute hyponatremia, that is, lasting less than approximately 48 h, is generally much more symptomatic than chronic hyponatremia. Treatment of SIADH using general and indirect means The treatment of SIADH is largely based on expert opinion, not on randomized controlled trials.

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