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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the symbol level?

This level of description for the agent's behavior is the symbol level. The term was coined by Allen Newell in 1982. For example, in a computer program, the knowledge level consists of the information contained in its data structures that it uses to perform certain actions.

What is symbol level drawing in ArcMap?

Cartographers often need to control the order in which symbols are drawn on maps. This is accomplished using symbol level drawing in ArcMap. Symbol level drawing allows you to control the drawing order of feature symbology and controls how line symbols connect to each other.

What is the highest and lowest symbol of a+?

The highest symbol is A and the lowest symbol is G. Below is a table to show you what each symbol stands for: What Is An A+ Level Pass? An A+ pass level ranges from 80% to 100%. This is also known as a distinction pass in Matric. If you obtain this pass, you will have a better chance of getting admitted to a university.

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