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Frequently Asked Questions

What is STEMScopes math?

Built from the ground up by practicing educators using the flexible 5E lesson model, STEMscopes Math provides you with everything you need to create a meaningful learning experience that empowers your students with 21st‑century skills to succeed in future STEM careers. Our products are customized to meet the needs of educators in your area.

What is the stemscope student portal?

As an online K-12 science curriculum, STEMscopes provides a comprehensive curriculum. You find engaging hands-on experiments and activities that open up possibilities in applying science, math, tech, and engineering concepts. You must ensure the following login requirements to log into the STEMscope student portal.

What is STEMScopes LMS integration?

Enhance operations, empower teachers, and support students with STEMscopes LMS integration, a collaborative platform that supports in‑person, online, or blended learning instruction. Check out our instructional videos to learn how to manage and assign content within STEMscopes.

Are STEMScopes products customized to meet the needs of educators?

Our products are customized to meet the needs of educators in your area. Investigate STEMscopes Math curriculum editions below.

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