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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a State Employees Credit Union near me?

The quickest way to find State Employees Credit Union branch locations near you is to detect your current location. Click the 'Detect My Location' button to begin your search using your smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop computer. You may need to allow sharing your location with our website. Search by any U.S. Address

What do you need to join the State Employees Credit Union?

Members who can meet the eligibility requirements can have the membership of SECU. Below are the eligibility criteria: To become a member one must be employed by the state of North Carolina People working for the state public school boards of education Certain county employees of social services, health, mental health, and Civil defense

What are the benefits of joining the State Employees' Credit Union?

The following are the advantages of using the state employee credit union application. You can transfer funds quickly between your credits union accounts You can check your transaction information and account balance You will get many features using the app. You just have to download the application.

How many branch locations does state employees credit union have?

The State Employees Credit Union Locator will find the closest branch locations near you. We have 8 branch locations for members to do their banking. Need an ATM?

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