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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Bible say about soteriology?

Soteriology is the biblical study of salvation. To be saved is to be delivered or rescued from danger. Throughout Scripture, salvation is both spiritual and physical. Deliverance is always by another, as people are helpless to rescue themselves.

What does soteriology mean?

Soteriology is the study of the doctrine of salvation. It is derived from the Greek word soterious which means salvation. Some of the subjects of soteriology are the atonement, imputation, and regeneration.

What are the steps to salvation?

The First Step - Salvation. In this challenging message, Dr. Stanley tells us we must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to be saved. Despite living in a world where people’s morals are changing, we must remember this one constant: Jesus’ sacrificial, substitutional, and sufficient death on the cross atoned for our sins.

What is the way of salvation?

The Way of Salvation. Others think joining a church, being baptized, giving money, and doing good works are all that’s required. Salvation is by faith and not works, but we need to clarify what “believing in Jesus” means. This expression encompasses so much more than merely believing what the Bible says about Him.

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