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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sheeran by Lowden?

Sheeran by Lowden are a range of newly designed guitars born out of a friendship between Ed Sheeran and George Lowden. They offer aspiring musicians a guitar with great playability and tone using materials with high sustainability credentials, all designed and built in Ireland. The Sheeran Range.

What are the Sheeran by Lowden S03 and W02 gigbags?

Both the S03 and W02 are as cute as a button at first sight, fresh from their generously padded Sheeran by Lowden gigbags, so let’s move in for a closer look. The Sheeran by Lowden range extends to eight models, four falling under the S prefix and four under the W.

What is the difference between the Lowden S04 and W02?

This is particularly true of the S04 model, with its highly figured walnut. The S04 and W02 both feature solid Sitka spruce tops with Lowden A-Frame bracing, and their thinness is exaggerated by the absence of binding and Lowden’s usual double layering around the soundhole.

What did Ed Sheeran and Lowden bring to NAMM 2019?

Lowden teaming up with Ed Sheeran on a new range of affordable acoustic instruments was the biggest story of NAMM 2019. We check out a pair of guitars from the new signature brand. Ed Sheeran’s first Lowden was a gift from his friend Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol.

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