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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Schwarz?

Definition of schwarz : the winning of all the tricks in skat or schafskopf also : the scoring effect of this which adds two multipliers in skat and triples the score in schafskopf

Who is Schwarz Gruppe?

Schwarz Gruppe is a private family-owned German retail group that owns and operates the Lidl and Kaufland brands.

What is Schwarz supply source?

Schwarz Supply Source is a business-to-business distributor. If you are an existing customer, click here to access our online ordering system. If you are not a current customer, please click here for contact information.

What is schwärzer black?

schwarz (comparative schwärzer, superlative am schwärzesten) black, reflecting little or no light (figuratively) illegal black, having a high amount of melanin in an organ, e.g. the skin (politics, Germany) pertaining to the CDU or CSU (large center-right Christian Democratic parties, whose associated colour is black) (of coffee) without milk

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