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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reschedule my US visa appointment?

Rescheduling an immigrant visa appointment. To reschedule a US immigrant visa appointment, you must contact the NVC and explain your reasons for wanting to reschedule. You must provide your case number or application number and let them know of a time that is convenient for you so they can try to get you that appointment.

How to book Appointment for U.S visa?

How to book a US visa appointment Complete Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160. This is the first step to book a US visa appointment. ... Register and Create a Profile Online. ... Pay Your Visa Application Fee. ... Schedule Your US Visa Appointment. ... Attend the Nonimmigrant Visa Interview. ... Receive Your Documents and Travel to the US. ...

When is the best time to apply for an US visa?

However, whether your case is an emergency or regular appointment, the earlier you book your appointment, the better. The US embassies recommend that applicants book their US visa appointment date days before their intended travel date . This will allow the embassy or consulate to have enough time to process the visa.

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