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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I display the gateway scenery that is available?

To display the gateway scenery that is available, again, select the continent of interest and the gateway scenery in that part of the world will be displayed. The map will show any scenery that has been uploaded to the gateway that has yet to be included in any X-Plane release (red markers).

What is the Scenery Gateway in X-Plane?

About the Scenery Gateway. The X-Plane Airport Scenery Gateway can be found at The Gateway has been created to provide two things: A method for airport scenery artists to submit new airports for inclusion into future releases of X-Plane.

How do I download the scenery from the map?

Clicking on a marker on the map will display the title and link to the scenery package for download. Alternatively, enter the four letter ICAO code (e.g. EGKK) to see the scenery that is available for that airport.

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