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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Have Fun Colouring scenery?

Have fun colouring our Scenery colouring page and many more colouring pages, by following some simple instructions: Go through our collection and choose an image you want to colour. You can click on the “felpen” or “crayon” and use it to colour the image.

What is nature coloring pages?

Nature Coloring Pages is a collection of images with the most beautiful landscapes and interesting natural phenomena. With the help of pencils and markers, girls and boys can bring mountains, seas, forests, and other wonders of nature to life. The most beautiful landscapes are collected in this collection.

Where can I find the original photographs in the PDF colouring book?

You’ll find the original photographs at the end of the PDF colouring book to give you inspiration if you need it – otherwise let your imagination run wild! You can also download simplified versions of the same colouring pages for your kids to colour, that way you can work together.

Are there any free coloring pages for kids?

Here’s a growing collection of coloring pages free for your kiddos to print and color. We update this page regularly so feel free to check back as we add more and more coloring pages. Also don’t forget to visit our huge collection of How-To-Draw tutorials with step-by-step instructions and educational trivias for kids!

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