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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the NWS forecast office at Reno Airport?

1994 - The National Weather Service Forecast Office at the Reno airport is officially closed when NWS forecast and warning operations are transferred to the new NWS Forecast Office in north Reno. Some NWS personnel remain at the airport to take weather observations.

Where is the Weather Bureau located in Reno?

1905 - On November 11th the U. S. Weather Bureau establishes an office in the Thoma-Biglow building at the northwest corner of First and Virginia Streets in downtown Reno. The university stops taking weather observations on November 10th when the Weather Bureau begins taking official daily weather observations for Reno.

What is the history of Reno Nevada's weather?

1888 - On January 1st the University of Nevada starts recording daily weather observations (maximum and minimum temperature and precipitation) for the Reno area. 1890 - The United States Weather Bureau is established and is placed in the U. S. Department of Agriculture.

When did Reno Municipal Airport become Cannon International Airport?

The National Weather Service maintained a forecast office at the airport throughout its subsequent name changes: Reno International Airport (1970) and Cannon International Airport (1979). The Flood of 1955 at Reno Municipal Airport. Photo by Lew Gourley, Carson City, NV on Dec 26, 1955.

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