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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log out of my quizizz account?

Click the login button on the top right of the join page to log in to your Quizizz account. To logout from your student account, click the hamburger icon from the top right corner of the join page and click 'logout'. Was this article helpful? Have more questions? Submit a request

What is quizizz?

everywhere. Free tools to teach and learn anything, on any device, in‑person or remotely. Already using Quizizz? Log in Used by more than 20 million students in schools, homes, and offices around the world. Students ALWAYS see questions on their own screen.

How can students use quizizz library?

Besides quizzes assigned by their teachers, students can also use Quizizz library to search for quizzes created and shared by other teachers and/or students. They can search for quizzes by grade, subject, language, number of questions, and more.

What are classes on quizizz?

Classes on Quizizz are used to organize your student pool, assign quizzes (assignments or homework, live quizzes etc), and sort assessment reports by class and grade. Generate a class-specific code that is valid up to 14 days and share the code with your students.

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